In 1979 Jery Hewitt a.k.a "Munson" Leader of the legendary "Baseball Furies" from the classic 1979 Film "The Warriors" was offered an opportunity of a lifetime; to work with stunt coordinator, Craig Baxley.

His Iconic image, created by Director Walter Hill, has been duplicated and seen around the world. Of course this was no over night success. Jery had been working his way into the Screen Actors Guild for over 2.5 years prior to meeting Craig.

Little did the world know that Jery would go on to become a legendary stunt coordinator. Coordinating such films as, "Raising Arizona", "No Country for Old Men, "Tower Heist", "Non-Stop" and "True Grit" as well as T.V shows such as, "Law & Order", "Law & Order SVU", "Forever" and "666 Park Avenue".

Now for the 1st time in over 35 years, Jery's promoting his Character, "Munson" with collectables signed by the Legendary Base Fury, himself!!


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